Published : 02/14/2017 12:10:57
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Almost everything has already been said or written about Parisian style... but when we saw the look posted by blogger Sara aka Speloved, we were overcome with an irrepressible desire to bring up the much admired subject yet again!

It's not easy to master the secret of "parisian style" which combines a mixture of sophistication and ease, the famous 'less is more'.  That being said, even I don't know what makes that certain "je ne sais quoi' so special!

Sara is remarkably well accessorized here with her designer bag and luxe boots (ours!) put together with a pair of retro-vintage jeans. And what makes all the difference is that bit of typical Parisian boldness that you find in the choice of her red BIBI boots. A hint of flashy color worn by this Parisienne who is having a good time while maintaining that certain chic nonchalance.

Will you dare to take the challenge? Discover all our color variations and get started!

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