Leather is an organic material. In order to optimize the longevity of your shoes, we strongly recommend that you give them the necessary care. First of all, whether your shoes are cut in suede or in a smooth leather, we advise you to waterproof them as soon as you receive them and then regularly throughout the life of your shoes. It is not necessary to waterproof your patent leather shoes. 

All the soles of our shoes are leather, which is a quality material, but sensitive. In order to limit the premature wear and tear of your soles, we advise you to take them to your shoemaker to have outsoles put on as soon as you receive your shoes. Your shoes will last much longer!

If you have opted for a smooth leather: Remember to regularly brush your shoes to remove the dust and dirt that comes from regular wear. Once you've done this, give the leather a glow by massaging it with a cloth impregnated with a colored leather polish or transparent nourishing cream. Let it dry and then shine with a brush or a soft cloth to obtain a shiny leather that's like new!

If you opted for a suede: This material is more resistant than you might think, but it nevertheless requires careful maintenance. It must be waterproofed regularly using a conventional waterproofing spray that you can find at most shoe repair shops. We strongly recommend that you brush your shoes with a soft brush in order to remove dust and dirt. There are also suede erasers that will eliminate surface stains and dirt. In case of persistent dirt there are some very effective shampoos for suede and nubuck that are commercially available. They will give a second life to your shoes. 

If you have opted for a patent leather: The cleaning of shoes in patent leather is very simple. Wipe with a damp cloth. Then use a cleansing milk or a special lotion that will replenish their shine. Other cleaning products may damage the leather.